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Vinyl Composition

VCT tile performs beautifully under the highest traffic, highest maintenance conditions like public offices, schools, or retail stores. Whether you have a small office space or a large retail store vinyl floor tiles are one of the best options available today. Vinyl Composite Tile comes standard in 12″ x 12″ inch square tiles and each box of vinyl tile usually contains a total of 45 square feet per box. VCT’s through-pattern construction of color and pattern extends throughout the thickness of the tile, making scuffs and scrapes virtually undetectable. Whether in neutrals, pastels or saturated vibrant colors, VCT is stylish, durable and economical. Even more importantly, VCT contains increasingly high percentages of recycled content. There are hundreds of VCT tile colors and can be laid in checkerboard, solid, or custom patterns. Each vinyl tile has the same size and thickness so installing is fairly easy.

What are the trends in Vinyl Composition Tile?

Few flooring materials have stormed the industry ramparts like luxury vinyl tile. At home in commercial as well as residential settings, LVT is expanding options for designers and specifiers alike. Relatively speaking, Luxury Vinyl Tile is something of a newcomer to the floor covering scene, yet it’s growing like wildfire: it’s today’s “It” category.

Luxury Vinyl Tile styles range from the look of natural Ceramic tile, Stone, Marble to more creative and artistic patterns. The multitude of Vinyl Tile varieties allows you to really have any look you want for your home or commercial setting. LVT is especially convenient when considering a checkerboard pattern or intermixed with bordering patterns with wood and other floor covering.


Luxury vinyl flooring is a layered product construction. The base layer is made primarily of PVC vinyl, which offers flexibility as well as dimensional stability. The decorative PVC film is laid on top of the base layer. The wear layer is typically a clear vinyl wear layer and may or may not include a urethane coating that provides superior protection from every day wear and tear.


Choices for luxury vinyl flooring include a spectrum of styles, colors, textures and patterns. Add in LVT’s easy-to-clean characteristics, comfort under foot, and family-friendly stain-resistance, and the result is increasing popularity with value-hungry shoppers.

The demand continues for the “luxury vinyl” segment — top-quality resilient flooring with lookalike qualities that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from stone, wood plank and ceramic tile. Luxury vinyl products sit at the middle of the flooring price range. Nevertheless, the ability of these products to mimic traditional high-end materials, such as tumbled marble and exotic hardwoods, puts extraordinary good looks at the feet of ordinary homeowners at a fraction of the cost.